Erin Presley’s Questions

Questions from Erin Presley:

I’m excited about the direction of the questions you all have posed at this point. My own questions overlap with many of those that have already been posted.

1. As many of the readings make clear, digital humanities is interdisciplinary at its core, blurring the boundaries between the disciplines. What interdisciplinary connections might a digital Shakespeare course produce? I’m particularly interested in the possibility of collaborations between faculty across the curriculum.

2. Several of you have asked questions about intellectual property and how it might affect research and teaching. How do we negotiate with the very real consequences of violating IP law?

3. What are the goals of “digital” Shakespeare(s)? To reproduce play texts online that merely mimic the older technology of print (albeit with the handy addition of searchability)? Or does digital Shakespeare(s) hope to take full advantage of its digital medium?

I look forward to discussing these issues with you all next month.

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