Brett Hirsch’s Questions

Here are my questions for the group:

1. Is an open-source Shakespeare course possible and, if so, what might it look like?

2. How should digital Shakespeare research and pedagogy be assessed and valued?

3. How important is backward compatibility when it comes to producing digital Shakespeare resources?

4. What do students and scholars want from electronic editions?

Best wishes,

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1 Response to Brett Hirsch’s Questions

  1. Valerie M Fazel says:

    1. I’m most interested in Shakespeare online performance. Some of these performances are “homegrown” ala YouTube. How do all the questions that appear here on this wiki so far speak to online Shakespeare performances, “homegrown” or otherwise? Should we encourage student creation and posting of these kinds of performances? If so, what ethical, moral, and practical responsibilities do we need to instill in these students? How do these projects effectively (or not) shape student understanding of Shakespeare body of work?

    2. Should, or can, Shakespeareans approach Internet research in the same manner as textual research, or do we need to develop new theoretical, methodological, and interpretative lenses to perform humanities-based Internet research?

    3. What new skills do we need to develop in order to play a key role in the framework of evaluation, which is so important to the scholarly experience of iShakespeares or digital Shakespeares? And as digital materials change so quickly, how do we keep these skills fresh and relevant?

    4. What skill-sets, methodologies, theories, practices, etc should be glean from other disciplines and what should we ignore? How do we make our own theories, methodologies, practices, etc more useful to other disciplines? (Should we even care?)

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