Welcome to iShakespeare Workshop!

Dear SAA iShakespeare New Media in Research and Pedagogy Participants:

Welcome to our workshop! We look forward to our electronic interactions over the next few months and to meeting with you in Boston. We anticipate a fruitful exploration of the joys and perils of Shakespearean teaching and research in the electronic age.

Some of you may be new to the Shakespeare Association of America meetings. SAA workshops are designed to give participants an active opportunity to consider the topic in question. In contrast to the seminar format, workshops do not require the advance preparation and circulation of seminar papers. Participants are asked to do some work in advance, however, in order to be listed in the official program.

We hope that you will find our preparatory reading and discussions useful.

By 31 October, 2011 could you please post on WordPress, a biography introduces you to the group by including your relevant background and any current academic affiliations. Describe your experiences in the subject of New Media, as well as your reasons for joining this workshop. We plan for the workshop to cover practical and theoretical issues concerning both teaching and research. Please let the group know what your specific interests are within this broad field.

As a reminder, this is the workshop description:

This workshop explores the invigorating possibilities and understandable concerns of Shakespearean forays into the digital domains of iPads, Twitter, Dipity, Digital Storytelling, Skype, and Vidyo. The workshop leaders will demonstrate their digital teaching partnership, which links the U.S., the U.K., and India; will offer practical advice on implementation; and will facilitate discussion of the philosophical, social, cognitive, and financial aspects of electronic Shakespearean research and pedagogy. They will welcome reports of other new-media initiatives, including for technologies new to 2012.

We are attaching a recommended reading list and welcome additional suggestions from the group. Please choose at least three selections from this list. By 15 January, 2012, please post a summary of your reading, along with your response and any questions sparked by the varied authors. We are not setting a firm length for these postings, but recommend that you provide at least a couple of pages of summary, reflections, and questions.

By 15 February, please post your suggestions/recommendations for topics to be considered in the workshop. We will do our best to accommodate a range of interests.

Between now and the workshop in April: Please share your thoughts, experiences, and germane publications with the group via WordPress. We welcome news of your interactions with technology in your teaching and research and plan to share with you about our ongoing international electronic collaborations.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Once again: Welcome!

Kevin Quarmby (kquarmb@emory.edu) and Sheila Cavanagh (engstc@emory.edu)

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